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A quick update about comic books.

Hi everyone! We’re making this post to let everyone know that due to circumstances outside of our control, we have to remove comic books from our inventory. Remaining stock will be put up on eBay in lots to cover shipping, or you can contact us directly for a list of everything we still have. But for the time being we will not be dealing with single issue books directly. Custom orders can still be made as usual, but right now we will not be stocking single issues for purchase. Sorry for the inconvenience this may have cause anyone.

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Good afternoon everyone!

Just a quick update to let everyone know whats going on around Saturday Mornings. This week we’ll be adding a few things as follows:

  • Refurbished Consoles.
  • Console repair services.
  • A Special Orders section for high priced items we won’t actively have in stock.

Available now:

  • User Forum
  • You can now request an Affiliate ID for customer referrals.
  • Shipment Tracking, orders can now be tracked within your customer account page.


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New Fallout merchandise restocks and pre-orders are available!


After scouting the nuclear wasteland we call our vendor catalogs, Saturday Mornings is proud to announce we’ll be stocking plenty of Fallout merchandise today and in the coming months.

Using the awesome product tagging feature we now have thanks to our new eCommerce solution, you can check out everything Fallout related here!

We’ll be stocking Pop! Vinyls, Dorbz, Prop Replicas, Posters, and video games! So if you’re a Fallout addicted wastelander like Mike, it’s recommended you add that link to your bookmarks! As always, free shipping (in the US) for orders $50+.

We’re also offering international shipping to Canada, UK, and Australia (No “Aussie Tax” either!)

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Batman v Superman has (almost) arrived!


In preparation for the upcoming film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice on March 25th, multiple studios and manufacturers have started pumping out their action figures and collectibles. As such, we’re pleased to announce we will be stocking certain toys starting today with presales of items we have coming in this week.

To start off, we have the holy trinity of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman setup as pre-orders for January 27th. We’ll also be adding Armored Batman, Knightmare Batman, various Pop! Figures, as well PREVIEWS Exclusive Medicom figures of all three.

Below, you can see stock photos of all figures we’ll have up shortly!


Stock Photos:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Now stocking T-Shirts and other apparel!


Who’s ready for a trip down memory lane?

Gather round kids, uncle Mike’s going to tell you a story!

Saturday Mornings actually got its start as ‘The Game Collecting Network’ at, when we were a simple forum for video game collectors, we also sold some custom T-Shirts with weird designs, or references to certain games and memes. In honor of our heritage, we’ve begun stocking T-Shirts today. Some are available now, others with pre-order windows. More will be posted throughout the evening and eventually we’ll have a nice apparel section for those of you who like to customize your self with awesome T-shirts, wallets, jackets and bags!

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Stock update, and an apology.


Good evening everyone. First and foremost, I have to apologise for getting anyone’s hopes up. But we did not receive our Wave 7 2.5″ World of Nintendo figures.

Miscommunication on my part, and I didn’t read my email properly. So no, there are no Wave 7 products in stock.

On the bright side, we did get a restock of Wave 6!

Going online tonight are the following items:



Purple Pikmin

Blue Yoshi

8-Bit Luigi

8-Bit Mario

8-Bit Red Link

..and Deku Link.

Again, I apologize for getting anyone’s hopes up. I get excited for this stuff too, and I’ll remember not to brag about things until I’m 100% certain. One of the many things you learn as a business owner I guess.