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Project Lunar Virtual Machine on macOS


As many of you know Project Lunar is right around the corner. Unfortunately, version 1.0 will not be cross platform. Don’t worry your little head, Uncle Milenko’s got you covered!

You’re going to need a few things, so let’s get our environment setup shall we? This tutorial assumes you’re running Catalina and thus Apple in their infinite wisdom has screwed you out of 32-bit support, so we cannot use wine.

These links will all open in new tabs so you can follow along with the tutorials pictures as we go.
VirtualBox 6.0+
VirtualBox Extensions Pack (Obtained from the same link as above)
MSEdge.Win10 Image
Project Lunar
A cup of coffee

You’ll be downloading two separate packages from VirtualBox. The main binary package as seen in the screenshot below, and the extensions package. Microsoft is kind enough to supply virtual environments for testing which we will then “test” Project Lunar on.

OS X Hosts. Click it.
This package makes time travel possible!
Windows 10, in a nice little demo package.


Download and run the Virtualbox Installer, please be aware that depending on your current security settings it may fail unless you tell macOS to allow it in the permissions.

Run the VirtualBox.pkg and follow the on screen instructions.

Once VirtualBox is installed, you’ll want to navigate to Applications and run it by clicking this icon.

Double click.

You’ll then want to run the Extensions installer, and you should be greeted by this after a few keystrokes

Next head over to your downloads and double click the MSEdge.Win10 Archive.

Extracting intensifies.

Once this is extracted, return to VirtualBox and click the Import button. You will then be greeted with a file browser, select the MSEdge OVF file you just extracted.

Click continue, and then Import when greeted with its information page. Importing takes a few minutes and depends upon your system specs. I’m using an old Mac Mini for this tutorial and it took me about 4 minutes.

Before you begin, you must pass through FEL mode. Boot your mini into FEL mode by turning the power switch on, and holding down the reset button while you plug in USB. in Virtualbox highlight your Windows VM, then go to Settings > Ports > USB. Click the little USB+ symbol to the right, and add the following device to the pass through:

This is what separates the <insert gender pronoun> from the <insert not your gender pronoun>

You’ll then want to run the virtual system, and login using Passw0rd! to log in.

Download and install Project Lunar. This is the fun part!

Click Install/Uninstall

This first part may fail at first. Be patient! It will install the USB driver for mini consoles. This is why we started the tutorial with your system already in FEL mode 😉

If all goes well you will get to an installer screen that looks similar to this:

Once this is done, and the initial exploit is completed it may hang at “Waiting for reboot..” So pay attention!

Click the USB icon in the bottom right of your Virtual Machine, and enable this device:

This is Project Lunar.

You’ll then be greeted with the rest of the installation, do not touch your device.

It’s happening!

Once this is finished, you’ll then be able to load up the Game Manager and sync titles!

Hopefully you guys enjoy, I’m not the best at these things. But it is HIGHLY recommended you boot into Bootcamp/Windows because this tutorial was a pain in the fucking ass.